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BBC Chamber Prom 2009
“Natalie Clein produced a gripping performance of Delius’ Cello Sonata, steering a steady course through the variety of colour and mood in this melismatic work, bringing character and distinction to its often amorphous phrases, and building to its heroic conclusion with passion and technical aplomb.”
Tim Homfray, The Strad, November 2009

“Clein threw herself into Delius’s hot house emotional world with a passion and delivered a bold and arresting performance, in the outer sections, and of such tenderness in the slower, more dreamy, middle section that one wished to hear her play it again immediately at its conclusion.”
Seen and Heard, September 2009

The Lowry Salford
with Carlos Acosta

"Natalie Clein, giving exquisitely characterful voice to four movements – from dark to comic, sensual to poignant – drawn from Bach's solo cello suites."
Lynne Walker, The Independent, 13 July 2009

Manchester International Festival July 2009
“The evening's most intense rapport is that between Acosta and the cellist Natalie Clein...It's as if they're chasing each other, phrase by cascading phrase, through the rising tide of the Bach, and frankly, it's the sexiest thing I've seen on the ballet stage for quite some time".
Luke Jennings, The Observer, 12 July 2009

Portrait of the artist: Cellist Natalie Clein, the Guardian, 28 April 2009