Bloch, Ligeti & Dallapiccola: Suites for solo cello

Ernest Bloch
Suite for solo cello No 1
Suite for solo cello No 2
Suite for solo cello No 3

Luigi Dallapiccola
Ciaccona, Intermezzo e Adagio

György Ligeti
Sonata for solo cello

Hyperion Records CDA68155

"A wonderful and compelling recording by Natalie Clein demonstrating the art of cello-playing at its most intimate – physical, lyrical and beautifully recorded"
Martin Cullingford, Editor's Choice, Gramophone

"Cellist Natalie Clein keeps the expressive range within autumnal parameters: melancholy, lightly fretful, inward and dignified. [...] Clein plays intimately, as if for herself alone. But there is nothing hermetic about her approach. Gently, insistently, quietly, she draws the listener into Bloch’s music and the results are thoroughly absorbing. [...] Clein is every bit as commanding in the formidably difficult Dallapiccola as she is retiring in the Bloch, and her performance of the Adagio theme in the Ligeti is four minutes of pure, concentrated beauty. This lovely disc reveals the cello as a kind of private sketch pad, or journal, capturing big emotions on a small scale, with a poetic concentration in sharp contrast to the larger, more furious musical gestures of the post-war moment."
Philip Kennicott, Gramophone